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The CRDC is aware of many other individuals and organizations who are doing excellent work in the areas of religion, conflict, and diplomacy. This is a list of a few of those sources where you can find information and initiatives involving conflict resolution.

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1. CRDC Staff and Affiliates
2. Organizations Working in Religion and Conflict
3. Conflict or Country-Specific Organizations
4. Research Centers
5. Resources for Interfaith Dialogue
6. Resources for Learning about the World’s
Religions and Religious Traditions
7. Other Recommended Sites

CRDC Staff, Affiliates, and Partner Sites

  • is a blog source for positive, alternative analysis of current events related to conflict resolution, overseen by the CRDC’s Director Dr. Marc Gopin.
  • Hind Kabawat has a website for her articles and work as a Senior Research Associate at the CRDC.
  • Aziz Abu Sarah has a blog featuring his work as CRDC’s Co-Executive Director. The blog focuses on information relating to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and other issues specifically related to the Middle East.
  • Aziz also blogs for 972 Magazine, which is an online magazine published in English with independent reporting from Israel and Palestine
  • Kobi Skolnick and Aziz Abu Sarah have a blog featuring their latest articles and analyzes together as Palestinian and Israeli partners for peace and individually.

Organizations Working in Religion and Conflict

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Conflict or Country-Specific Organizations

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Research Centers

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Resources for Interfaith Dialogue

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Resources for Learning about the World’s Religions and Religious Traditions

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Other Recommended Sites

If you would like us to add your site or organization to this list, please let us know.
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