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by Marc Gopin

To Make the Earth Whole: The Art of Citizen Diplomacy in an age of Religious Militancy (2009) (Rowman and Littlefield Publishers, Inc)

Healing the Heart of Conflict: Eight Crucial Steps to Making Peace with Yourself and Others (2004) (Rodale Inc.)

Holy War, Holy Peace: How Religion Can Bring Peace to the Middle East (2002) (Oxford University Press)

Between Eden and Armageddon: The Future of World Religions, Violence and Peacemaking (2000) (Oxford University Press)


by Marc Gopin

Between Sharm El Sheikh and Damascus: Lessons and Journeys 2006– (This paper was written in July 2006 when the conflict in Lebanon was still on going.)

Winds of Change in Syria: An In-Depth Report

The Practice of Cultural Diplomacy

Religion and International Relations at the Crossroads

This War is About Religion, and Cannot be Won Without It

Leadership in the Middle East in a Time of War

Judaism, the Limits of War, and Conflict Resolution

Religion as Destroyer and Creator of Peace: A Post-Mortem on Failed Peace Processes

Cultural De-escalation Plan for Israel and Palestine

Religion as an Aid and Hindrance

Forgiveness as an Element of Conflict Resolution in Religious Cultures: Walking the Tightrope of Reconciliation and Justice

Healing Hearts in Conflict: The Example of Caux

International Development and Conflict Resolution: Ethical Dilemmas and Future Prospects

The Religious Foundations of a more Peaceful World

Bad Idea, but not AntiSemitism

Book Chapters 

“Alternative Global Futures in the Balance” (Chapter One of Between Eden and Armageddon: The Future of World Religions, Violence, and Peacemaking, available from the Oxford Press)

“Between Religion and Conflict Resolution: Mapping a New Field of Study” (Chapter Two of Between Eden and Armageddon: The Future of World Religions, Violence, and Peacemaking, available from the Oxford Press)

Jewish Islamic Negotiations in Israel and Palestine: A Participant Observer’s Critical Analysis (Chapter in Promise and Peril: The Paradox of Religion as Resource and Threat, Leroy Rouner, Ed., available from University of Notre Dame Press

“The Use of the Word and its Limits: A Critical Evaluation of Religious Dialogue as Peacemaking” (Chapter in Interfaith Dialogue and Peacebuilding, David Smock, Ed., Available from United States Institute of Peace Press)

Intervening in Religious Conflict (Chapter in The Handbook of International Peacebuilding; Into the Eye of the Storm, John Paul Lederach and Janice Moomaw Jenner, Eds., available from Jossey-Bass).

Judaism in Peacebuilding (Chapter in Religion and Peacebuilding, Harold Coward and Gordon Smith, Eds. Available from SUNY Publishers in 2004)

Judaism and Peacebuilding in the Context of the Middle East Conflict(Chapter in Faith-based Diplomacy: Trumping Realpolitik, Doug Johnston, Ed., available from Oxford University Press)

by Joseph Montville

Justice and the Burdens of History (Chapter in Reconciliation, Coexistence, and Justice in Interethnic Conflict: Theory and Practice, Lexington Books, 2001)

Religion and Peacemaking (Chapter in Forgiveness and Reconciliation: Religion, Public Policy, and Conflict Transformation, (Templeton Foundation Press, 2001)

 by R. Scott Appleby

Dr. Appleby’s book The Ambivalence of the Sacred: Religion, Violence and Reconciliation is available online. 

by Peter Weinberger

Incorporating Religion into Israeli-Palestinian Peacemaking: Recommendations for Policymakers

by Neamat Nojumi

Afghanistan’s System of Justice: Formal, Traditional & Customary

Reconstruction and Religious Freedom in the New Afghanistan

Iftar in the White House

The Prospect of Justice and the Political Transistion of Civil Society: The Recovery Process of Afghanistan

Interviews Available Online

Preparations for war in the Middle East: Interview with Marc Gopin on The Connection, radio program on WBUR, National Public Radio in Boston, April 1, 2002

Politics and the Palestinian Authority Interview with Marc Gopin on The Connection, radio program on WBUR, National Public Radio in Boston, September 19, 2002

Americans and a Dangerous World. Text of interview on WBUR, National Public Radio in Boston, February 14, 2003


Arafat’s tragic end and new beginnings 

Remember Afghanistan LA Times, October 9, 2005)

Course Syllabi

World Religions, Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution (at the School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution, George Mason University)